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    Applying for Spaza Telephone Line

    • The Spaza business is not just an ordinary SwaziTelecom customer but, has become an integral partner in the delivery of telecommunication services to the public.
    • Anyone who is a legal persona can run a spaza business. The steps to be followed when applying for a spaza phone are listed below:

      Swazi Telecom Application Procedure:

    • Fill in an application form from any Telecentre or Post Office
    • Customer issued with a reference number, as acknowledgement of receipt
      of application
    • Swazi Telecom will reserve the line for 30 calendar days while
      applicant waits for trading license and health report from the respective
    • Where service is available, a quotation for installation is issued.
      The line will be installed as soon as SwaziTelecom receives payment. Where
      service is not readily available, the customer will be notified in writing
      and application filed for future reference.

      Installation fees

    • Telephone line @ E 926.00 each
    • Tico Solo @ E 2,300.00 each (optional)

      Installation procedures

      • Once a Works order is issued, technicians can install the telephone
      • Installation is done in standard buildings or approved structures by
        Local Authorities and Enterprise and Employment department of licensing.
      • The process will take only 7 working days.


      • All faults are reported to 97 and a reference number is given to a customer.
      • Only one reference number you get when reporting no matter how many times you reported the phone until is repaired.
      • All phone Spaza faults are treated as business so there are attended as soon as possible.

      Local Authorities (city councils and Town councils)


      • First get the place of business.
      • Fill in forms consists of sketches of your proposed structure.
      • The planner from Local Authorities will visit the place and see if it is suitable for the business (structure approved by local authority).
      • If your application is successful you then get a letter from Local Authorities
      • Get permit from Local Authorities.
      • Construct your structure and their health department check the structure if it meets their requirements.
      • Get health report from Local Authorities in their Health department.
      • Lease agreement is renewable every 2 years and you pay until you surrender the place.
      • The process will take 2 weeks, which is 10 working days.

      Swazi Commercial Amadoda


      • When you are on Swazi Nation land you Khonta for business through
        Authorities in charge of the area
      • Fill in forms, and submit them to Swazi Commercial Amadoda
      • The process will take 7 days.


      Enterprise and Employment


      Fill in an application form, as an applicant you should bring the following:
      • Letter from Relevant local authority
      • Bank Book
      • S.P.T.C quotation

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